This Must Be The Place

Can’t Make Three With Two


The Help


Urn, Or Another Way To Say "I Love You"





Inspired by the people that have helped me find homes in the many places my travels have taken me to, and the people that were ripped away from theirs many years ago on the mother continent.

18 Hands, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2018)

Dedicated to my grandma, my Gaga, Pearl.

Can’t Make Three With Two is the last piece in a body of work I’ve been doing with my mother throughout 2018.

Pearl, Ctrl+Shft Gallery, Oakland, CA (2018)

The Help is a video installation projected onto the floor of whatever space it exists in. Inspired both photographs taken from hurricane rescue choppers, and viral videos of black folks dancing in tropical storm rains, the video is all about my people's resilience in the midst of struggle. 

See the installation view HERE

The Beginning of Never Ending, No Place Gallery, Columbus, OH (2017)





                                                                                                                              Urn is one half of a duology of videos created for my upcoming solo exhibition 'Daddy's Gold Chain'. Urn is inspired by rap's celebration of matriarchs and subsequent misogynoir. 

The work was created at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in Skowhegan, Maine.  






CHAIN HEAVY is an experimental piece inspired by the abstracted retellings of stories of black youths slain in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Official Selection, Ohio Shorts, Wexner Center for The Arts, Columbus, Ohio (2017)

Jurors Choice, Image Ohio 17, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (2017)

"Demaster" Exhibition, Satellite Contemporary Gallery,                                        Las Vegas, Nevada  (2016)


HOME MOVIES is a deconstruction of the grandeur of sex in film. It is an attempt to show sex and sex, and nothing more. Told through minimal dialogue and diegetic sound, the true star of the film is the moment in time displayed on screen. 

Made for Mature Audiences. Some scenes NSFW. 

"Ohio Streets" Feature - Home Movies Interview & Q&A

Official Selection, Goldensun Short Film Festival (2015)                                Zebugg, Malta                                                                                             

Official  Selection, LA CineFest (2015)                                                                  Los Angeles, California