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  Ten Toes Down poster, featuring film still from  Shala Heather Miller

Ten Toes Down poster, featuring film still from Shala Heather Miller


Curated by myself, as part of the Museum of Contemporary Photography's Video Playlist series in response to contemporary Afrofuturism. When we engage Afrofurturism, stories that might otherwise be seen and heard as mundane-coming of age, the search for companionship, or an attempt to move forward from trauma-take on a fantastic new form. But when a story attempts to use Afrofuturism as a mere vehicle for its themes we become denizens of the cosmos whose existence is more of a loose metonym for Blackness than an actual exploration of it. In reality, we are not from the stars there is no such thing as an all black space crew, and we are not aliens; despite being the Other. The films selected for this screening, though fantastic in nature and design, find their Black feet planted firmly on the ground. They are films that realize the magic within the ordinary, and the transcendence that can come from the actual, and from the intimacy between us. 

 The Help (still)

The Help (still)

The Beginning of never ending

December 2nd, 2017 - December 23rd, 2017

Curated by artist Tosha Stimage, The Beginning Of Never Ending is the inaugural exhibition for the Black Infinity, a collective of artists brought together by the curator. 

 ( Documentation courtesy of  Tom Hoying  of Skylab Gallery )

(Documentation courtesy of Tom Hoying of Skylab Gallery)


GRAD PARTY is a solo exhibition that questions and examines the benefits and place of higher education for black people. If the Master's tools cannot dismantle the Master's home, what possible benefits can be gleamed from the Master's institutions?