Canvasing With Kathryn Hahn - Swing Left

GirlTrek - #BlackGirlHealing


Dhana - Best For The World


Correy Parks - LESS TRAVELED


Correy Parks - Alone Again


We're Strays Too


Warmth. With Ghinda


Lunatic (OSU Bootleg) 

Client: Swing Left

In 2018 democrat Danny O’Connor made a run for Ohio’s 12th District in the US House. Though ultimately unsuccessful, the people of Columbus showed out in record numbers to the polls. I was hired by Swing Left to document a bit of the moment, alongside some new friends.

Client: GirlTrek

On Inauguration Day 2017 in Washington, D.C., GirlTrek invited members of their extended family to participate in a special day of Black Girl Healing. The day consisted of dancing, talks, good food, and an immense amount of love.

Client: Dhana Inc.                                                                                                 Agency: Fulcrum Creatives                                                                             

Dhana Inc. is an ethical fashion brand committed to using clothing as a tool to better connect people and planet.

This video showcases the looks of the Spring 2016 collection, and stories from children that encapsulate the moments the brand is seeking to inspire.




Client: Correy Parks

Correy and I packed all of our favorite Columbus artists and musicians in the studio for this and had a blast. 'Less Traveled' is the second in a series of short promotional videos for Correy Parks' latest project 'The Road Less Traveled'. 





                                                                                                          Client: Correy Parks

Alone Again is a short film created as a visual for the single from Correy Parks' EP 'The Layover'. I met Correy one day via Twitter, but when he asked me to meet up and talk business, I had no idea that he would become one of my best friends. I'm so proud of what we crated and I can't wait for the next step. 





Client: ADHD Apparel 

We're Strays Too is the sequel to my 2014 collaboration with ADHD Apparel 'The Stray Sheep Project'. Created as a viral advertisement for the brand's Spring/Summer '15 collection.

 Official Selection, Lahore Fashion Film Festival   (2015)                                      Lahore, Pakistan




Client: Ghinda Couture Bridal

Not too long ago, I was given the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the talented girls at Columbus' very own Ghinda Couture Bridal. Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ghinda is the product of founder and lead designer Jen Kessler's desire to make brides' special days and meaningful as possible. All of Ghinda's gowns are hand made and one of a kind.

There's nothing quite like a Ghinda dress, because there's nothing quite like Ghinda.


                                                                                                                        Client: DJ E-V

Welcome to Ohio. 

The OSU Bootleg is a project Cleveland's very own DJ EV approached me with towards the end of 2014. As the director and editor of the project, I created  a mash up of collected concert footage from myself and E-V's team, and footage of the Buckeyes from